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перевод рассказа Веллера / Translation of a Veller story

 Я перевел маленький рассказ Михаила Веллера. У меня есть пара вопросов, которые я отметил с вопросительными знаками в тексте. И в общем был бы рад любим идеям, отзывам и комментариям. Спасибо всем заранее!


I Want to be a Street Sweeper

by: Mikhail Veller 

There are people who want to know everything, and there are those who are sick from what they know already. And so things don't get any worse, the latter group keeps quiet, while the former meddles in everything, hoping to make things better. Much to the irritation of those around them.

Such people reject reality, as a fish rejects the frying pan. Burned by their encounters with the world, they think it fit that the world should also feel their presence. Their constant attempts to leave a mark aggravate, in the persons of wives and bosses,  the survival instincts of the world, and result in a wide array of unpleasantness. This is called life experience. And when they decide they have enough life experience, they settle down and collect fairy tales about wild horses, broken from running over mountain peeks--that no one drove them to--while normal horses trotted along normal roads,  vigorously swishing their tails and eating oats at at the roadside.

And then they turn their gaze to children.

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